February is a strange month and  this year is no exception. As we all wait with eager anticipation for Boris’s “roadmap” out of lockdown it would be fair to say that most of us are literally counting down the days when we can head to the beer gardens and bond with our friends over tepid pints and scotch eggs again.

February is also a strange month for weather. One day you step outside wrapped up like an Eskimo as the Northern gale force winds literally blow you off your feet and the next day it’s ten degrees warmer and we are all wearing shorts and rejoicing that winter is over once again before it returns the following day along with our now standard teddy fleece bedding and log burning stoves.

Life is a little bit like the weather at this time of year. One day it’s sunny and you are feeling warm and relaxed and wiggling your newly painted toes in your summer sandals and the next day an unexpected cloud appears and drenches you leaving you slightly battered,  shivering and wondering if the sun will ever come out again. The good news is that it always does.

Good times and bad times, rainy days and sunny days come and go as we travel along life’s path. Whatever life throws at us we can equip ourselves to weather the storm (remember there is no such thing as bad weather just inappropriate clothing). The more time we spend on our self care the more resilient we become and the more tools we add to our toolbox to be able to cope with a stormy period.  Life, like the weather, isn’t all about sunshine and also, like nature, we need a little rain to help us grow.

That being said I’ve really enjoyed the last couple of days as the milder air has encouraged the bulbs to start peeking their heads through the soil. I’ve developed a habit of purchasing £1 bunches of daffodils from the supermarket and their beautiful golden trumpets signify to me the start of a new season and a sense of hope for the months ahead. I love looking ahead to Spring and watching nature come back to life after the grey winter months.

One of the things that I have really learned over the last year is that whatever the weather a day can still be beautiful. I spent a good fifteen minutes sat in my car a few days ago in sub zero temperatures just marvelling at the intricate ice crystals that had formed on my windscreen (ok I know that sounds a bit weird but they really were very beautiful), then today I watched a pair of blue tits dancing through the air as we experienced an unusually mild day.

Even on a rainy day just being inside feeling cosy and dry can feel quite satisfying and calming as can splashing through the puddles in my brightly coloured wellies with two muddy dogs in tow which is no longer a chore but an opportunity to breathe in fresh air and have a bit of fun.

So Spring is nearly here but remember that despite the longer days and warmer weather an unexpected icy blast may return at any time. All you need to do is stay prepared, stay calm and stay focused and the storm will pass leaving clear skies and new opportunities. 

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