At Power HQ we are all about structure and routine so much that we are practically leaping out of bed in the morning and telling ourselves how amazing we are before we do fifty squats and a couple of star jumps. Its great to get ourselves mentally organised but sometimes a good old tidy up can have a really therapeutic effect on both body and soul.

Ok its not officially spring yet but I saw a clump of snowdrops in the garden this afternoon so that’s a good enough reason to think that winter is retreating and we will soon be basking in glorious sunshine – ah well I can dream cant I?

I am a huge lover of organisation and have been know not to go to bed until my wardrobe is properly colour co-ordinated. My Mum used to say “That girl can fill a bin” – praise indeed for someone whose idea of a good time is depositing trash at a local recycling site. I love everything being neat and tidy and I also find clearing out the clutter very soothing.

Simplifying and keeping our environment clean and tidy has huge benefits and whilst I appreciate that this can be hard when we are in lockdown and home schooling we really don’t need so much “stuff” and living in a cluttered environment is extremely stressful. Once I learned that possessions really didn’t make me happy and that a shopping trip was just a quick high that soon dissipated I started to really love and appreciate what I actually had.

A  couple of years back a friend and I set ourselves a challenge of not buying any new clothes for a year. I cheated a bit and bought some shoes but after a couple of months I really started to embrace the challenge and of course I benefitted financially too. I found things in my wardrobe that I hadn’t worn for years simply because the lure of a shiny new object was so strong. I gained back so much time I would have normally spent scrolling the internet for new outfits and then visiting the post office to return them as the majority weren’t right for me (or had been bought in a prosecco fuelled haze).  I started to really appreciate what I had and even wore an old ball gown to a charity event that I was hosting  – this normally would have sent me into a buying frenzy.

The wardrobe is just one area that we can downsize but having a spring clean can feel a bit overwhelming so my suggestion is to start small. Spend fifteen minutes a day clearing out a cupboard or a drawer and if you haven’t used something for six months then bin it or, even better, pop it in your charity bag (one mans trash is another mans treasure and all that). You will be amazed at the sense of satisfaction that you get from streamlining your life. Don’t get emotionally attached to that old bottle opener you bought in Spain twenty years ago that is gathering dust at the back of the drawer or those glo sticks you saved from a girls weekend in Ibiza. Be ruthless and remind yourself that the less you have the easier it will be to keep things clean and organised.

So dig out the rubber gloves and a bin bag and get sorting. And as the wonderful Marie Kondo says “When you tidy you gain a little confidence. You start to believe in the future”.

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