IT is officially 2021 and we are back into another lockdown coupled with the obligatory January blues where the skies always seem to be threatening and pay day feels as though it’s a long way away. The good news is that we are at the mid way point and spring is on the horizon along with the roll out of the vaccine. Is normal life going to resume sooner rather than later?
As I’m writing this blog I’m looking out at an almost picture perfect winter scene. The snow is inches thick and laying heavy on the ground. The world is gently muffled and I’m warm and cosy inside, with my two dogs laid at my feet, feeling more grateful than I feel miserable and there’s a reason for that. Last year I decided to focus on what I have in my life rather than worry about the pandemic and the many things that I can’t control. Every morning when I wake up a write a few words in my diary that draw my attention to the things that I have and it’s been instrumental in helping me through what has been a very challenging year.
In my Facebook group we share our gratitudes every day. It can be something as simple as a cup of coffee in bed, time to read your favourite book or binge watch a box set, a walk on a frosty morning  or a doorstop delivery from Betty’s (now I would be grateful for that). They may sound like small things but they are often things that we take for granted, things that are just part and parcel of our everyday lives. Focusing on small things each day has made me fall in love with the life that I have. It’s not without its challenges but each day I am literally counting my blessings. 
One thing that this pandemic has taught me is to slow down and appreciate things. I’ve spent much of the last twenty years living my life with my finger very firmly on the fast forward button and I’ve been forced into a situation, as we all have, where I have the time to literally take stock. I’ve reconnected with friends and family, I’ve reviewed my finances and stripped out any unnecessary outgoings, I’ve decluttering and discovered the joy of crafting and I’ve learned to love and appreciate my home which may sound strange but pre covid it was literally just somewhere I laid my metaphorical hat in between outings to the office. Now my home has become a sanctuary that I love, it’s where I feel safe and protected. It’s where I can just allow myself to “be”. I guess you could say that I have literally woken up and am smelling the roses. 
So January for me has become like any other month. I’m ignoring the social media posts that say people have tried their seven day trial to 2021 and wish to cancel their subscription and instead I’m maintaining a sharp focus on the positives. If you are reading my blog then you have survived 2020 and I for one am grateful for that and for all the opportunities that lie ahead of me.  Im ditching the diet and if someone leaves me a doorstep delivery then I’m going to take a big bite of cake and enjoy it!! 

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