By the time this blog is published we will probably have taken down the decorations, perhaps gone back into lockdown and inevitably broken at least one of our New Years resolutions. Life is pretty predictable like that.
2020 was, however, anything but predictable. Certainly for me it was a year of huge change (more of that later) but for all of us we experienced becoming part of history as we lived through, and continue to do so, a global pandemic.
I sometimes wonder when and if we will come out of these strange times and if life will ever be the same again but I also hope in a lot of ways that life won’t return to how it was before. 
On New Years Eve I wrote this poem which explains how I feel my life has been impacted in a positive way.

A New Years Eve Reflection

As the sun starts to set on the year that wasAnd the light begins to dim and the muted revellers raise a glass to welcome the new year in.

We reflect on twenty twenty the strangest year that we have known when our whole world turned itself upside down and the future was unknown.

We learned to live a different life with hand wash, masks and zoom where we socially distanced and stayed at home and the news was filled with doom.

But for me I watched with open eyes as a whole new world unfurled where kindness prevailed and life slowed down where we listened and we heard.

I made new friends and started hobbies things that mattered rose to the top. I saw the beauty in the sun and the stars the caress in a single raindrop.

I embraced family from a distance I listened and I cared no rushing around in an endless whirl precious time with loved ones was shared.

So my friends the year that’s passed by take from it lessons learned time is a gift and it is precious make your life one that is earned.

Start each day with gratitude and thanks count your blessings not your woes learn to love the life bequeathed to you see the highs and not the lows.

A peaceful New Year may I wish to you Good intentions we all will setLet this blank canvas of time given to us this eve be our happiest and healthiest yet.

So whilst I haven’t exactly welcomed Coronavirus I have embraced a different pace of life and I know that many others have experienced this too. Slowing down sometimes actually helps us to be able to see exactly what is in front of us rather than life passing by in a frenzied blur. Sitting and taking stock helps us to focus on what’s important and to sift out any unnecessary or unwanted drama. Living a simpler and more mindful life can actually unlock a door to a much more tranquil existence.

On New Year’s Day my husband said to me that he was glad to see the back of 2020 and my social media timeline was filled with similar sentiments. We tragically lost his father (my father in law) just before Christmas so I understand completely why he would want to close the door on a year that brought him so much pain personally but I urged him to focus on the good things that happened in 2020. We got to spend a lot more time together in lockdown which we enjoyed immensely, as previously, with our busy schedules, we were like ships passing in the night. We decided to sell our house and downsize, something we would have been too busy to even contemplate pre pandemic. I set up my consultancy with my son and we delivered a very successful online programme and have had incredible feedback from people out there who wanted and needed our support and much more.

As humans we like to draw lines under things and close doors on periods of time that have been difficult. It’s second nature to us but I urge all my followers to try and look at things differently, to turn the world upside down. Every year, month, week and day (and sometimes even hour) has its high points and its low points so rather than focus on the negative let’s focus on the good things that happened and the lessons that we have learned. So yes, 2020 has been an incredible difficult and tragic year but it has also been a year where people have shown unprecedented levels of kindness and where we have seen the best in many. It’s been a year when people have realised what’s important and appreciated the things that they once took for granted (like hugs). I sincerely hope that once this pandemic is over we all retain that sharp focus on family and community and don’t fall back into a high speed, filtered existence.

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